Residents who do not pay water bills may have supply cut off people living in Hubli have one more identity card now in addition to voter cards, pan cards and other cards. The water supply board is issuing tap cards to residents of the Karnataka city to ensure they pay water bills on time. The cards were introduced in the first week of March to improve revenue collections.

The Delhi Jal Board (DJB) is losing money hand over fist. More than 56 per cent of the total water supplied in Delhi during the last five years did not fetch the DJB any revenues, resulting in losses of over Rs 1,990.54 crores.

The influential people who had, over the years, managed to get public taps installed at government expense for their personal use are being finally made to pay the water charges.

K. Lakshmi

CHENNAI: Chennai Metrowater has registered a slight increase in its revenue collection through water tax and charges in 2008-09 compared to the previous year.

However, the Board has recorded a net deficit of Rs.107 crore, which is the difference between the total income and total expenditure.

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KOCHI: The summer is on and the sale of bottled drinking water has gone up drastically. But are we really buying drinking water which has undergone stringent quality tests? While a large number of brands are available in the market with BIS certification, only a few adhere to the quality standards prescribed by the government for drinking water.

S Lalitha,DH News Service,Bangalore:
Residents of two elite apartment buildings in Pai Layout were among the many Bangaloreans who rushed to pay the pro rata charges (one-time payment for new water connections).

The residents thought it would ensure the supply of Cauvery water at their doorstep.

In the current financial crisis, risk-weary investors worry more about keeping their own boats afloat than in pumping money into a sector noted for high upfront costs, long pay back periods and low rates of return. Add to that an inefficient use of resources, weak regulation and lack of up-to-date information, and the water sector faces what may prove to be a dry season for investment.

This paper assesses the potential contribution, constraints and prospects of contributions from different demand management strategies in the irrigation sector to an alternative water sector perspective plan for India. The main purpose of this paper is to: set the basic economic logic of demand

Sapna Agarwal / Mumbai March 30, 2009, 0:46 IST

From pricing to quality, troubles for the food and beverage industry.

New Delhi: Rupees 12 and no more. That