Germany might be a fairly rainy and wet place, but water in the country is more expensive than anywhere else on the planet, according to a new survey. At

Mumbai, August 18 Housing societies finding suddenly larger bills prepare to cut down usage
With the city facing a water supply shortage of 800 million litres a day (mld), the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has located the 20,000 Mumbai families who will now shoulder the burden of consuming water in the most expensive bracket.

These families consume well above the national norm of 150 litres per capita per day and mostly belong to the affluent pockets between Bandra and Juhu, the BMC has found.

The draft of Rajasthan state water policy, 2008. This policy is aimed at reducing irrigation water demand through both increased irrigation efficiency, and optimum utilization of the available surface water resource. Also focuses on water conservation measures including effective artificial recharge.

In determining domestic water prices, policy makers often need to use information about the demand side rather than only relying on information about the supply side. Household surveys have frequently been employed to collect demand-side information. This paper presents a multiple bounded discrete choice household survey model. It discusses how the model can be utilized to collect and analyze information about the acceptability of different water prices by different types of households, as well as households

JORHAT, July 16: The Jorhat Municpal Board has hiked the quarterly water tariffs from the current Rs 20 to Rs 100. According to the civic body, the increase by five times has become inevitable due to the surge in electricity bills after the installation of digital meters at the five water supply projects operated by it in the town. Chairman Prasanta Kumar Borah said that JMB is footing a power bill which is upwards of Rs 1.80 lakh on account of the water supply projects. Before the installation of digital meters, the bill used to hover around Rs 70,000.

Hyderabad, July 2: Flat owners of the city will now have to pay Rs 125 per month as water and sewerage cess. The Hyderabad Metropolitan water Supply and Sewerage Board has decided to levy the cess from this month after a division bench of the High Court suspended the annulment of the relevant order by a single bench six months ago.

in a landmark ruling on April 30 the High Court (hc) of South Africa announced prepaid water meters cannot be imposed on residents of Phiri

This report compares the performance of urban water bureaucracies in 21 major cities in India with 18 major cities across Southeast Asia using survey data and political economy analyses. It finds that water bureaucracies in Southeast Asia are substantially more effective and efficient compared with those in India.

Water connection charges for houses of less than 500 sq.ft have been reduced to Rs. 100, according to M.K. Stalin, Local Administration and Rural Development Minister. This was being done to enable people belonging to economically weaker sections of society to get the water connection easily, he said, wrapping up the debate in the Assembly on the demand for grants to his departments.

IF THE Victorian Government is the main tenant in La La Land, then the Productivity Commission's latest report, Towards Urban Water Reform: A Discussion Paper must be the rent book. Its drift is plain. There is no problem with water supply that a competitive market couldn't fix. "Ultimately, it is possible to envisage an evolution to a fully decentralised urban water market involving many retailers and wholesalers offering different forms of product (for example price and security). However, an important caveat is that such arrangements do not operate elsewhere in the world."