a recent World Bank (WB) study has

The Andhra Pradesh high court has recently directed the state government to ensure protected water supply in the fluorosis-affected areas of Nalgonda district. The bench issued several directions to

The countdown to the cleaning up of the Yamuna has begun. The Supreme Court sets a deadline

The melting of Arctic permafrost could accelerate global warming. Scie

• The highly endangered bird kharmore ( lesser florican ) has been sighted in village Tarkhedi, about 70 kilometres from Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. • India has joined an

Australian scientists have developed a new technique to treat industrial and farm effluents

Scientists in Sweden are propagating laterite treatment for the removal of arsenic from groundwater in the Bengal Delta plains

Scientists in the UK have developed an instrument that can do a quick assessment of water quality. "The instrumentation is portable and computer controlled and can provide accurate information on the

Increased human activity is destroying a river system

Countries like India are increasingly opting for expensive, high tech water treatment systems instead of low cost, low tech water treatment alternatives.