legal backing: The Delhi High Court has asked the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and other civic agencies to permit water harvesting in as many public sector buildings as possible. In an order issued on

the world's first commercial wave power station has been established on the Hebridean island of Islay in Scotland. The power station known as limpet (land-installed marine-powered energy

but hiding? Out of the question as the radar flashlight makes every thief s job a virtual nightmare

Artificial bays on the beach can effectively be used generate power from wave energy. Tom Denniss, an oceanographer in Australia, has developed a wave reflector that would produce energy at cheaper

The world's first sea driven electricity generator is launched

This, the 22nd edition of the World Energy Council's Survey of Energy Resources (SER), is the latest in a long series of reviews of the status
of the world

Conventional wisdom says that wave farms must be more than 2 kilometres away from the coast, but a new analysis suggests otherwise.

KOCHI: With climate change and energy crisis fast becoming a reality, scientists all over the world have started looking for solutions to tide over the crisis.

A quiet revolution is underway in the world of hydropower. An emerging non-dam based hydro industry holds the promise of economically viable technologies that do not deplete resources or warm the planet, and do not wipe out species, ecosystems and cultures.

Offshore structures that generate electrical power from ocean waves have been deployed but engineering challenges remain.