BANGALORE: Bangalore is thirsting for water. But the growing need appears to have few solutions.

Under a Central programme, sustainability works are being taken up on priority in over-exploited rural areas

The Karnataka government is drawing up a new project to recharge borewells in the backdrop of over-exploitation of ground water, drying up of 50,000 handpumps and "life-less" position of 12,000 tanks in the state, Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister H K Patil said today.

Residents at Konem-Farmagudi have resorted to an unusual test to resume consumption of water from a well that was contaminated with diesel for about eight months.

The residents recently released fresh water fish in the well and after verifying that the fish was still alive, decided that the water was fit for consumption.

Warning that the greatest risk of nitrate poisoning occurs in infants who are fed well and consume boring water contaminated with nitrates, doctors in the city have advised physicians to include qu

Medak district of Andhra Pradesh is the picture of a paradox.

MARGAO: It’s official. Water samples of the two drinking water wells at Sirvodem ward have revealed that the water is unfit for human consumption.

In forty six wells >150 m deep, from across the arsenic-polluted area of south-central Bangladesh, groundwater composition remained unchanged between 1998 and 2011. No evidence of deteriorating water quality was found in terms of arsenic, iron, manganese, boron, barium or salinity over this period of 13 years. These deep tubewells have achieved operating lives of more than 20 years with minimal institutional support.

Borewells in several parts of town go dry, intensifying drinking water problem.

BANGALORE: If you depend on private tankers for water, you may have to start worrying about that source as well.

MARGAO: The work of draining out water from contaminated drinking water wells in the Sirvodem ward of Margao Municipal Council commenced on Friday, even as the Margao Urban Health centre despatched