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Question raised in Lok Sabha on Encroachment on Forest Land, 26/07/2016. The State-wise details of forest area encroached as reported by State Governments is given in Annexure-I. Funds are released to State Governments under the schemes namely National Afforestation Programme (NAP) and Green India Mission (GIM) for the purpose of increasing the forest cover in the Country. The Ministry supplements the efforts of the States/UTs in protection and management of forests through Centrally Sponsored Scheme namely Intensification of Forest Management Scheme (IFMS).

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Protection of Environment, 19/07/2016. The Forest Survey of India (FSI), Dehradun assesses the forest cover of the country at the interval of two years. As per India State of Forest Report (ISFR) 2013 & 2015, there is a net increase of 5871 sq. km. in the forest cover as compared to the previous assessment of 2011 and a net increase of 3775 sq. km. over 2013 assessment. The increase in forest cover can be attributed to afforestation, conservation measures, management interventions etc. in the forest area. An amount of Rs. 60 crore under NAP, Rs.

Question raised in Rajya Sabha on Goals of NAP and GIM, 18/07/2016. The two major Centrally Sponsored Schemes (CSSs), of this Ministry namely National Afforestation Programme (NAP) Scheme and the Green India Mission (GIM) are being implemented in participatory mode under Joint Forest Management (JFM) approach. The objective of the National Afforestation Programme scheme is regeneration of degraded forests by institutionalizing decentralized forest management. Under NAP, an area of over 2.1 million hectares has been sanctioned for afforestation with an investment of about Rs.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Forest Cover, 08/03/2016. Forest Survey of India, Dehradun is carrying out the assessment of forest cover of the country biennially and the findings are published in India State of Forest Report. The latest report in the series is India State of Forest Report 2015. As per this report, the total forest cover of the country is 7,01,673 square kilometers which is 21.34% of the total geographical area of the country. There is a net increase of 3775 square kilometers in the forest cover of the country as compared with India State of Forest Report-2013.

The National Mission for a Green India proposal, released under the aegis of the National Action Plan on Climate Change, is a significant attempt to integrate the mechanism of ecosystem services in the overall framework of forest conservation in India. It suggests a series of strategies for improving the quality of forests and proposes reforms for strengthening joint forest management. This paper discusses the likely impact of these reforms on current forest use practice. It does so by analysing the various provisions of the mission and how they support or contradict ongoing forest uses.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on Forest Cover, 22/12/2015. The State-wise details of fund released under National Afforestation Programme during last three years and current year are given in Annexure I. Further, the Green India Mission aims at increasing the forest/ tree cover by 5 million hectare as well as, increasing the quality of the existing forest cover in another 5 million hectare. The Ministry has released Rs.4994.55 lakhs and 1265.50 lakhs to the States in the financial year 2011-12 and 2013-14 for preparatory activities for implementation of Green India Mission.

Question raised in Lok Sabha on climate change, 21/07/2015. National Mission for a Green India (GIM) is one of the eight missions under the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) aimed at mitigation of adverse effects of climate change in India with a holistic view of increasing forest/tree cover, focusing on carbon sequestration targets as well as on multiple ecosystem services, especially, biodiversity, water, biomass etc. The State-wise details of fund released under NAP Scheme is given in Annexure.

NEW DELHI: The government has merged National Mission for a Green India, which aims afforestation at 10 million hectares of land over the next decade, with MGNREGA to increase and improve the count

These guidelines outline the modalities of convergence between the National Mission for Green India (GIM) and Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) so as to achieve environmentally sound interventions to climate change and achieve a faster growth rate in the rural economy.

This publication attempts to present a range of initiatives highlighting enhanced actions in the area of mitigation and adaptation in India.