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NEW DELHI: The Cabinet may on Thursday clear Rs 13,000 crore for its much awaited 'Green India Mission' which aims to enhance carbon sinks through large scale afforestation across the country.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, the UPA government has decided to push a Rs 46000 crore ambitious mission to increase forest cover in the country.

State-Wise Releases under Centrally Sponsored Schemes for Protection of Environment referred to in the reply to Parts (a) & (b) of Lok Sabha Unstarred Question No.29 regarding “Protection of Environment” by Shri Premchand (Guddu) due for answer on 05.08.2013.

The MoEF committee chaired by A K Bansal on regulatory regime regarding felling and transit regulations for tree species grown on non forests/ private lands calls for simple uniform mechanisms to regulate the transit rules of forest produce within the state.

The REDD+ regime has to enhance the carbon and other ecosystem services, it should strengthen the efforts of biodiversity conservation, and help secure the livelihoods of the ecosystem dependent local communities in India.

This new study released by the Centre for Development Finance, IFMR, and IIT Madras evaluates the design of the eight climate missions of the country as developed by individual ministries using the principles laid out in the National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) of the Prime Minister’s Council.

The National Mission for a Green India has been approved by the PM’s Council on Climate Change. It aims to increase the quantity and quality of 10 million ha. of forest area, achieving an annual CO2 sequestration of 50 to 60M tonnes by 2020.


The draft of Green India Mission submitted to PM's Council on Climate Change aims at addressing climate change by enhancing carbon sinks in sustainably managed forests, adaptation of vulnerable ecosystems and adaptation of forest-dependant communities.

The Public Consultations Report on Green India Mission, one of the eight missions under National Action Plan on Climate Change. It has been prepared by Centre for Environment Education (CEE)  for the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF)

Draft of Green India Mission, one of the missions under NAPCC released by MoEF. Aims to address climate change by enhancing carbon sinks in sustainably managed forests and adaptation of vulnerable ecosystems & forest dependant local communities to changing climate.