This paper presents the results of a survey of over 4100 works created under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) and over 4800 randomly selected users across 100 villages in 20 districts in Maharashtra.

Regional climate model simulations were undertaken in order to produce climate scenarios for the near future (2020s), the medium-term future (2050s) and the long-term future (2080s). The climate scenarios included changes in rainfall and temperature on annual, monthly and daily time steps.

Reetika Khera in "The UID Project and Welfare Schemes" has opened a new debate on the promise of the project of providing each Indian citizen a unique identification (UID) card. Specifically she takes issue with the claim that the UID will facilitate the implementation of welfare schemes.

Is the Lokpal the next

South Asian summer monsoon (June through September) rainfall simulation and its potential future changes are evaluated in a multi-model ensemble of global coupled climate models outputs under World Climate Research Program Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (WCRP CMIP3) data set.

The Right to Information Act is supposed to ensure transparency in administration and governance. But a survey done by Pragati Abhiyan in Nashik district of Maharashtra finds that many government offices have not yet nominated a public information officer as required under the Act. Often information exists in a raw form, but it is not processed into a consolidated format.