That Predictable Strong Arm

The longstanding dilemma of how to best ensure the survival of one of India’s extant prehistoric peoples—the Jarawas of the Andaman islands—and their traditions is again occupying centrestage.

Deadly Dose

Nimesulide, a painkiller, has been proved to be damaging to the liver

Foreign firms are coming to farm in IndiaThat Indian firms, some of them backed by the government, have gone scouting for land abroad to farm crops for consumption back home is well-known. Reversing the trend, now many Gulf countries are getting a toehold in India that will allow them to farm here and export the food back.

A train-hit jumbo sparks off a massive rescue effort.

* Elephant corridors have no legal protection under Wildlife (Protection) Act or the Environment (Protection) Act
* Many corridors have now become private land and areas under human use (road/rail)
* There is no dedicated money for corridor protection, experts demand Rs 200 crore for this in the 12th five-year plan


The first news despatches brought out all the brutal detail: a

Toxic waste is sitting idle at our portsAre our ports becoming stockpiles of hazardous products? An inventory of such material, drawn up by the Union ministry of shipping last month, may lead one to believe so. Consider some of the products lying unattended at the country

Hospitals are discovering the advantages of an integrated approach

The Medanta hospital in Gurgaon claims to offer the very best in modern medicine, but for all that, it has a stark anachronism in its lobby: two floor-to-ceiling

This could be the road to another tragic Sariska, albeit of elephants, not tigers. In a span of about 45 days across April-May, at least 10 elephants have been confirmed killed at the Simlipal National Park, a tiger reserve in Orissa

* At least seven thermal power plants have been proposed in and around Srikakulam district
* The companies say they are on wasteland; but many of them are in fact on fertile wetland
* Two protestors were killed on July 14 in Sompeta
* The location, with access to coal, is attracting many groups

The controversial environmental clearance of the Nagarjuna Construction Compan