The heavy rains and subsequent floods last year in Chennai had one positive impact on the city: it raised the shallow ground water levels while also improving its quality.

Like everybody else in the energy business, Anil Gupta had followed the negotiations for the climate change deal in Paris closely.

It is almost certain that humanity will find it difficult to feed everybody without some serious technological advances.

The journal Nature has this week published a comment on how China must continue the momentum it has recently generated to protect its environment.

BixLight to meet long-standing need aiding research in drug discovery, weather forecasting

Smaller Indian cities, as they grow, have the chance to avoid the pitfalls of the megacities.

Regenerative medicine crossed another milestone this week when scientists at the University of Lund in Sweden demonstrated the direct conversion of skin tissue cells into nerve cells.

A new technology to help boost solar power generation manifoldStarting from sometime in the past century, when human beings became aware that solar energy is non-polluting and abundant, companies a