Emphasising that monopolies over seed technology were unacceptable, a top official in the Agriculture Ministry told The Hindu that it would have a wider consultation with seed companies, seed techn

Less toxic than processed and red meat.

A team of wildlife experts submitted a crucial report Monday on which hinges the fate of the first-ever inter-State river linking project since India’s independence.

Illegal factories process 95% of all e-waste and are flouting safety norms; they are also taking business away from licensed recyclers ohammed Sabir spent his childhood learning to dismantle broken

Says integrated waste management is the only way to fixDeonar fires

High levels of insulin directly damage the lung structure, says global study

A Maharashtra firm is getting ready to find out whether genetically engineered mosquitoes can be a useful tool to check the growth of the insect.

The research lab claims their idea will be more effective that Delhi's proposed odd-even licence-plate policing.