As COVID-19 spreads across the world, information about the disease, messages on preventive measures, news of cures in the process of development, all these are of prime importance. The Hindu has published an e-book on essential COVID-19 information.

Survey samples a sliver of blocks in each State and counts how many blocks have critically low levels of water

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As habitats shrink, country nears its capacity to manage the big cat, say experts

They are part of a group of 50 which have received £20 million funding from the United Kingdom

The new diet could avert around 11 million premature deaths a year.

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To forge ties and make developed nations keep promises

Far from real: The push for GM is coming from commercial food industry, not ordinary homes, say activists.
Regulator cleared the variety on May 12

The government is unlikely to be able to clean the Ganga by 2018, a target set by Water Resources Minister Uma Bharti.