The report, published by GreenBiz Group in partnership with Trucost, provides a global view on sustainable business, from basic emissions to leadership attributes, such as how many stock exchanges around the world require listed companies to disclose environmental data, or the amount of money being divested from fossil fuel company stocks. released its 8th annual State of Green Business report for 2015, assessing what companies are doing to address environmental issues and whether those efforts are making a difference.

This 2014 edition of State of Green Business report published by GreenBiz Group in partnership with Trucost plc provides an analysis of the global progress of large, publicly traded companies in addressing a myriad of environmental challenges and reveals little meaningful progress across most metrics, including greenhouse gas emissions, water use, waste disposal and other pollutant impacts.

GreenBiz Group will publish the sixth annual addition of its acclaimed “State of Green Business” report, looking at significant trends in sustainable business as well as the key metrics that show how well companies are addressing sustainability challenges. The 2013 edition of the report takes on a significant new dimension.

In this report, the authors take stock of the trends and indicators that tell how, and how well, the world of business is doing to address sustainability concerns. It presents 10 key trends one needs to know for 2012.

Clean Edge, which has been tracking the growth of clean-tech markets for nearly a decade, reports that global revenues for solar photovoltaics, wind power, and biofuels expanded from $75.8 billion in 2007 to $115.9 billion in 2008. For the first time, one sector alone, wind, had revenues exceeding $50 billion.

Amid a challenging economic outlook