Planting trees outside forests will be an additional source of raising forest cover. However, there is large disparity within the farmer communities for tree planting at their farm at regional scale. This study has considered addressing the issue of adaptation of tree planting in two regions of UP for comparison. These are the western region with high density of tree plantation at farm; and Eastern region with low density.

Forests provide grasses and tree leaves for livestock. However, for hilly population, livestock rearing mechanism and food production systems are closely integrated in the forest ecosystem i.e. forest provide feed and fodder, while in return livestock supply draught power and manure as well as milk and meat as a source of cash income to the farmers.

This ICFRE paper focuses on carbon value of India

The life of Jaunsaris, a tribal community of Jaunsar Bawar of Dehra Dun District, depends mainly on farming and forest resources. Farming in Jaunsar is of subsistence nature and heavily depending on rains. Therefore utilization of forest resources is the key for survival of the people of Jaunsar.

A study was conducted to estimate the soil organic carbon pool under Eucalyptus, Poplar, Shisham and Teak plantations in Haridwar and Dehra Dun, districts of Uttarakhand and Yamunanagar District of Haryana State.