JAIPUR: It has come as a shocker for city's pulmonologists when they noticed that numbers patients with respiratory diseases have not gone down even after one month of Diwali, which was a usual tre

JAIPUR: Acute shortage of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) has come as a major setback for the state in its fight against polio.

Jaipur: In the wake of rains lashing the state, the risk of mosquito-borne diseases is looming large.

JAIPUR: As many as 40 persons died due to swine flu in 2016 so far. In the same period, more than 400 persons had died due to H1N1 influenza.

JAIPUR: Rajasthan does not have good health indicators like maternal mortality ratios and infant mortality rates, but in terms of prevalence of HIV, it is far better than more than 11 states of the

JAIPUR: The highest population of obese people in the state is in Kota. One out of 20 people in Kota is obese and 5.6% of Kota's population has body mass index (BMI) above 30.

JAIPUR: At a time when a large section of population is suffering from anemia, there are also those who are obese and are inviting health related problems like diabetes and hypertension.

JAIPUR: Efforts are being made to intensify the fight against malnutrition among the children in the state, but still Rajasthan has 36.5% of children (under-5 years), who have stunted growth.

In 2010, the World Health Organization (WHO) had issued a warning that in the post-pandemic period, cases and outbreaks due to the H1N1 (2009) virus are expected to occur.

JAIPUR: The number of vehicles has increased considerably in the city in the past five years, which is one of the sources of pollution.