PUNE: For the dengue-causing Aedes aegypti mosquito, which has a very short flight and feeds on multiple hosts, high-rise buildings in the city with hundreds of flats offer a haven, say experts.

PUNE: Crucial health indicators like the infant mortality rate (IMR) and the maternal mortality rate (MMR) will now be analysed and assessed on daily basis.

PUNE: Though monsoon is yet to hit the city with all its might, mosquito-borne diseases like dengue have already started rearing their heads.

PUNE: Experts have cautioned citizens against the rise in mosquito-borne diseases after Wednesday's heavy downpour.

Packaged drinking water may not always be your safest bet, going by a random survey conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

PUNE: The problem of milk adulterated with sugar, glucose powder and edible oil persists in Maharashtra, with most cases registered in Pune in the last financial year.

State health officials confirmed 35 fresh cases and three deaths due to swine flu on Monday.

PUNE: Use of artificial colour in spices and dry snacks and artificial ripening of mangoes are among the food safety and quality norm violations recorded in the last financial year.

The spurt in swine flu cases has people rushing to doctors for vaccination, but experts suggest they should calm down instead because the outbreak has almost run its course making the vaccine almos

Maharashtra continues to report an upward swing in swine-flu cases in February.