This paper details work being carried out at the Rain Forest Research Institute, Jorhat (Assam) on genetic conservation and improvement of economically important bamboo species.

Lantana is a rapidly growing obnoxious weed though it has potential of purposeful utilization. Preservation of bamboo during storage with the help of preservative of natural origin i.e. Lantana extract may result in saving of material.

The study to examine the growth and instability in production and export of Indian lac is based on secondary data collected for 38 years spanning from 1970-71 to 2007-08. The data were analyzed by using exponential function and instability index.

A large number of variables may potentially determine the success or failure of sustainable governance of forests, yet the success in finding the necessary condition has remained elusive. Recently, the Nobel Prize for 2009 in Economic Sciences has been awarded to Elinor Ostrom who made major contributions to our understanding of the governance of forests and common pool resources.

Jhargram Forest Division has been surveyed for the availability and uses of ethno veterinary medicinal plants. A total of 96 plant species has been identified as ethno veterinary medicinal plants used in traditional animal health care. These 96 plants belong to 54 families and 89 genera occupying different habit groups and strata.

Performance of different high altitude plant species was observed in avalanches affected area at the top of Jawahar Tunnel (3200 m amsl) situated on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway near Banihal, J & K.

Medicinal plants are one of the important components of the forests of Himalaya and grow in different communities and group of species. The herb communities were studied mainly in Oak and Oak mixed forests of Uttarakhand Himalaya.

A forest ecosystem was developed on barren sodic land at Banthra Research Station of National Botanical Research Institute, Lucknow, during 1960s. About 74 species belonging to 34 families were recorded in this new forest, which was characterized as mixed dry sub-tropical forest with deciduous and evergreen species.

Soil samples for the estimation of organic carbon store were collected from the entire catchment area starting from Rajban to origin of Giri and all the land uses were covered to estimate soil organic carbon.

The increasing lelvel of green house gases in general and carbon dioxide in particular has raised concerns about the vulnerability of human, animal and plant life. Forests though serve as sources and sink of the CO2, there is need to synthesize the impact of climate change on forests and the role of forests in global carbon cycle.