India's ugliest dam builder is undoubtedly the state-owned National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC). While the company is currently angling to acquire new capital, its operations at home and abroad have left a trail of ruined livelihoods and misery in its wake.

New studies confirm that fish ladders at dams in the tropics fail to meet their objective of guaranteeing the survival of migratory fish, and in fact, could hasten the extinction of some species. Brazilian scientists found that ladders act as an "ecological trap" attracting schools of fish to poorer environments, and making it even more difficult for them to reproduce.

Water wars in the arid western US are nothing new, but the rules of engagement have changed. The Klamath River basin on the California-Oregon border has seen the stage for a decades-long epic battle between farmers, fisherman, government agencies, utilities and tribes with treaty rights to dwindling salmon populations. More than 26 diverse groups have worked together to negotiate solutions to the most pressing problems the river facese, and are now close to a breakthrough that may breathe new life into the struggling river and its people.

African countries are making some important strides toward a green energy sector. According to the Global Renewables Status 2009, Northern Africa boasts more than 500 MW of installed wind power, while Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania are all planning their first wind farms.

China is the world's factory, and is developing its infrastructure and urban centers at breakneck speed. The country produces more steel than any other economy, and half the world's cement - a fact that is illustrated by huge construction sites in every neighborhood. The industrial sector takes up an astounding 72% of China's energy to feed this demand.

A quiet revolution is underway in the world of hydropower. An emerging non-dam based hydro industry holds the promise of economically viable technologies that do not deplete resources or warm the planet, and do not wipe out species, ecosystems and cultures.

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