BRANDENBURG used to be called the sandbox of the Holy Roman Empire for its poor soil and marginal geography.

IN 2002 British American Tobacco (BAT), a big cigarette manufacturer, shuttled a temporary cinema around six Nigerian cities in what it called the “Rothmans Experience It Cinema Tour”.

CARBON DIOXIDE is the main greenhouse gas emitted by human activities. But it is not the only gas capable of causing great harm to people and the planet.

China has long been a smoker’s paradise: cigarettes are dirt-cheap and regulations so poorly enforced that even small children can buy them. The country is home to one in three smokers worldwide.

Something has been amiss recently in the city of Tangshan, the source of about one-tenth of China’s steel output and (literally) eye-watering levels of pollution.

OIL firms find it hard to determine who their environmentalist adversaries are these days. They used to be easy to spot, with beards and dungarees.

When DuPont and Dow Chemical agreed to merge in December, the $130 billion deal seemed to be a prime example of American managers’ ruthless pursuit of shareholder value and dedication to building m

THE giant wildfire that raged recently through the Canadian province of Alberta, forcing more than 80,000 people to flee their homes, was caused in part by global warming producing drier conditions

THE toll of malaria is hard to comprehend.

For months a profound somnolence has settled over Hinkley Point C, where the government hopes to install an £18 billion ($26 billion) nuclear power plant.