“I AM convinced that no challenge poses a greater threat to our future, to future generations, than a changing climate,” declared Barack Obama on August 3rd.

Many Chinese cities offer “sea views”, but of a kind that arouse fear and anger rather than raise spirits.

NOTHING in India is as terrifying as the thought that the monsoon might not come.

GWYNETH WILSON first spent summer on Block Island 58 years ago. She became a year-round resident five years ago because she loves island life, except for her high electricity bills.

ROW after giant row of wind turbines marches towards the snowy peaks of the Tian Shan range, harvesting energy from the air.

“THE history of the development of the human society is a history of discovering and exploiting energy.” With those grand words did Li Hejun (pictured), one of China’s wealthiest billionaires, inau

You wouldn’t know by looking at scruffy Vadnagar that it has a famous son. Tourists occasionally visit the walled part of the Gujarati town for its ornate wooden doors and balconies.

KINMEN, a cluster of tiny islands two kilometres (just over a mile) off the coast of China’s Fujian Province, bears the scars of many a past battle.

MAKING fuel from the solar energy stored in living organisms by photosynthesis is a tempting idea.

ON TAKING over in February as China’s minister for environmental protection, Chen Jining said the country needed an environmental law that was “not a paper tiger” but rather a “sharp weapon with te