Thousands living in Canadian indigenous communities have had no access to potable water, some for decades, and Human Rights Watch on Tuesday pressed Ottawa to finally deal with this "water crisis."

While scientists have long avoided attributing specific extreme weather events to changes in global climate, a recent report suggests that some of these events can be attributed to climate change w

Natural and man-made disasters cost $92 billion (81.24 billion euros) in 2015, compared with $113 billion in 2014, the Swiss reinsurer Swiss Re said in report Wednesday.

Nearly one fifth of Finland's endangered wolf population was killed in a controversial month-long cull which ended at the weekend, authorities said on Monday.

The annual average temperature in the Netherlands in 2015 was among the highest since 1901, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) announced on Wednesday.

Two United Nations entities on Monday announced a cooperation agreement to help Sudan manage its natural resources in a way that is compatible with combatting hunger and improving livelihoods while