A Planning Commission panel recently recommended allocation of 2 per cent of annual gross budgetary support (to the Twelfth Plan) per year to the 11 Himalayan states, including seven in the Northeast. The amount, at current levels would work out to be about Rs 10,000 crore, to be earmarked for balance period of the Twelfth Plan.

State-wise estimates of Average Monthly Per Capita Expenditure for rural and urban areas separately for the year 2011-12.

The percentage and number of persons below poverty line for all States/UTs for rural areas, urban areas and combined.

The estimates of state wise poverty lines for rural and urban areas for 2011-12.

This document provides the poverty estimates for the year 2011-12 updated by Planning Commission as per the methodology recommended by Tendulkar Committee.

The planning commission is in the process of developing an Environmental performance index (EPI) to incentivise states for environmental performance through budgetary allocations. The major aspects taken into account for this are – Air pollution, Forest, water quality, water management and Climate change.

This S R Hashim Committee report on urban poor submitted to UPA government in December 2012 set the criteria for identifying the poor living in urban areas for various government schemes.

In this paper analyse the performance of Indian States across three critical sectors – health, education and infrastructure. To enable us to read through multiple indicators of the three sectors, construct an index for each using the Principal Component Analysis technique.

This study attempted to examine the emerging structure in, pattern and growth of agro industries, capital investment, output, production technologies, employment contribution, linkages in supply of raw material from the farmers, arrangements of marketing the final products, contribution and impact of agro processing industries in increasing inco

Identification of urban poor households is a necessary condition for more effectively targeting the beneficiaries under various poverty alleviation programmes being implemented by the Central and the State GovernmentsThis is the report of the expert group to recommended the detailed methodology for the identification of families living below poverty line in the urban areas