The paper aims at highlighting the need for developing wastewater reuse as a sector, identifying the interventions that could help in the development of this sector. It also identifies suitable structures that can help in mainstreaming the implementation of wastewater reuse projects in the country.

This report presents an overview of the power scenario in the southern India, and discusses future challenges to be addressed along with the opportunities for the industries and the role of various stakeholders.

This report takes stock of the power sector in India and discusses the interventions required to achieve round-the-clock power supply and propose directions for stakeholders in the Indian power and energy sectors. Rapid economic growth in India has led to a surge in energy demand in the country.

Investments to the tune of more than Rs 10 lakh crore would be required in coal mining and allied sectors like power, steel and cement to achieve the target of 1.5 billion tonnes of coal production by 2019-20, according to a report.

This report takes stock of the current state of hydropower development in India and suggest a roadmap to accelerate it in the future. India is endowed with rich hydropower potential to the tune of 148 GW, which will be able to meet a demand of 84 GW at 60% load factor.

This report seeks to describe the landscape of opportunities for the private sector and other relevant stakeholders, with insights pertaining to the Paris Agreement, commitments made by countries to decarbonise economies, India’s approach to tackle climate change and a look into the future market.

The considerations to meet energy demands, sustainability, energy security and lower costs are driving India’s renewable energy growth. This report presents an overview of the Indian renewable energy sector and its potential to transform the electricity landscape in India.

This CII-PwC report discusses options for the Indian electricity sector to establish clean, reliable and affordable modes of electricity sourcing and supply for stakeholders of the Indian power sector. Power is among the key infrastructure that contributes towards the development of any nation.

This FICCI-PwC report identifies the challenges faced by the hydropower sector and look at enablers that could help in accelerating the implementation of hydropower projects in India.

India is a country of myriad contradictions.