This study intends to assess India’s present approaches to disaster and climate risk management, adaptation and resilience building, to record best practices and analyse how these approaches can be scaled up globally as well as domestically by driving more investments.

Although India can produce reliable, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable bioenergy to meet its energy demand, progress has been slow. Implementing a few key action plans centred around the market ecosystem, collaboration and financing could accelerate its production.

This report proposes solutions for efficiently implementing the existing schemes and measures that would assist in the greater adoption of sustainable water-use management practices amongst small and marginal famers, and other stakeholders in the agriculture sector.

Shifting generation mix, increasing focus on sustainability and advancement in technological interventions driving operational efficiency in the power sector will require significant coordination between policymakers, investors and consumers to drive successful transformation of the sector, PWC said in a paper released.

An analyses of the micronutrient market and an assessment of the socioeconomic impact of micronutrient deficiencies and their impact on food security and human health.

Electric vehicles are the way forward for India and must move towards self-sufficient electric vehicles that can replace fossil fuel-based ones.

This report, released at the Energizing South 2017 conference organised by the CII, is based on an industrial survey that explores the current status and future course for the power sector.

India’s vast hydro reserves hold the key to integrating large scale renewables and meeting India’s climate change commitments. This report takes stock of the current scenario and suggests a roadmap to accelerate hydropower development in the country.

The paper titled ‘Waste Management in India: Shifting Gears’ raises the curtains on the changing landscape in the waste management sector, dwelling on changes in the policy, regulatory and technology landscape, and the future of a market-based approach for the products and by-products emanating from waste streams such as compost, fuel and electr

This report is based on a performance assessment of 20 major Indian cities in terms of the operational effectiveness of the urban services being delivered to its citizens.