In this study, sampled equal proportions of Revenue Forest and Reserve Forest, for assessment of the status of forest biodiversity and disturbance regimes.

Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC) evolved as a civil society organization primarily with an objective of consolidating community stake in forest governance.

Growing cash crops is not a new thing in Indian tradition, but considered in the context of efficient land use, food- & fodder security, environmental- & ecological security, and of course the socio-economic security land use changes for growing cash crops that are incompatible to all or most of such factors definitely becomes a matter o

A state level multi stakeholder workshop on community forestry and REDD+ was organised by Regional Centre for Development Cooperation (RCDC), Bhubaneswar, with support from Community Forestry International (CFI) at DRTC-CYSD, Bhubaneswar, on 30th June 2012 to discuss the issues and challenges in management of community forest, focusing specially