This year's report, entitled "Breaking in and moving up: New industrial challenges for the bottom billion and the middle-income countries" focuses on countries that have been left behind.

This book concentrates on transactions involving forward carbon credits, in other words transactions where the parties to a contract agree to buy or sell carbon credits to be generated and delivered in the future. As a result, it does not deal either with transactions involving carbon credits already issued for immediate delivery on the spot market or with derivatives in the form of option contracts or future contracts through the developing exchange markets.

In recent years, renewable energy has increasingly attracted public and policy attention particularly for its potential to contribute to
reductions in GHG emissions. Most interest has focused on the use of renewables in power generation and as biofuels.

This report compiles a range of benchmark curves and indicators for energy intensive industries and products. The data presented
cover approximately 55% of final manufacturing industry energy use including energy use in refineries. The analysis differentiates between ICs and DCs.

Navigating Bioenergy is intended to give the reader an initial balanced view of eight selected topics: Jatropha