Action taken report in reference to the National Green Tribunal (NGT) order August 14, 2020 in Original Application No. 162/2020 (Vibhor Mittal Vs M/s Unnati Construction Pvt. Ltd.)

Vibhor Mittal had filed a complaint in UPPCB regarding water pollution by M/s Unnati Construction Pvt. Ltd., Central Park, Ram Sudha Apartment, Swarn Jayanti Nagar, Aligarh. The apartment complex was inspected and samples collected from the outlet of the septic tank and analysed in the lab of UPPCB, Aligarh. The analysed values were not found as per applicable norms.

Aligarh, a densely populated town of Uttar Pradesh, is the hub of a variety of industries and is feared to be home to children at risk of lead exposure. Hence, this study was planned to determine the socio-demographic and clinical correlates of elevated blood lead levels in children of Aligarh.

Original Source

Order of the National Green Tribunal (Principal Bench, New Delhi) in the matter of Udyog Vyapar Sangthan Vs. MoEF & Ors. dated 20/08/2015.

Udyog Vyapar Sangthana, a registered Society of the local traders from the city of Aligarh, have filed this application for formulation of a scheme for removal of the silt (sewage waste) from the streets of the city of Aligarh as well as from the Nallah/drain carrying the sewage in order to prevent the air pollution caused by the silt lying uncared on the streets.

ALIGARH: For villagers of Chhota Jawan, adjacent to the Harduaganj Thermal Power Plant, Qasimpur, about 18 km from Aligarh city, there is no escaping the ashes.

This paper explores the location of slaughter houses in the city outskirts, describes its functioning and explores its impact on the environment and health of residents living in its vicinity. A medium sized city of North India, Aligarh, was selected for the case study. The study is mainly based on primary sources of data collected through survey of city ouskirts, slaughter houses, villages and households located in its vicinity.

Tale of a highway. This is what a Rs.11,000 cr road looks like, with the blood of farmers on it

THE TAJ Expressway, now known as the Yamuna Expressway, certainly lives up to its first name for its ambition and grandeur.

The paper presents results obtained in a monitoring study on environmental noise pollution in the city of Aligarh which is a rapidly developing urban centre and a hub of lock industries.

It's a battle of the bulge in major cities of Uttar Pradesh. Be it Agra, or the more sedate towns of Aligarh and Meerut, the Manchester of the East Kanpur or pilgrims' delight Varanasi and Allahabad or the industrialised hub of the state, Ghaziabad-it has spread everywhere. The mounting pressure of the population is pushing the edges to these towns to their margins. This, coupled with the crumbling edifice of the urban infrastructure, is adding to the worry lines of town planners when they sit down to plan and visualise these cities two decades from now.

Rapid urbanization causes disorganized and uplanned growth of towns and cities. The pressure of an ever growing population becomes a burden on the limited civic amenities which are virtually collapsing. Asymmetrical growth of urban centres consumes agricultural land adjacent to these, resulting in lower agricultural productivity.

A pot experiment was conducted during rabi season of 2003-2004, to study the effect of two concentrations of city waste water over ground water on the performance of Brassica juncea cv. Varuna. 2007