Archaeology is the science that studies the remains of past cultures by investigating and analysing the objects people leave behind. It is a serious attempt to record and understand the past. As an area of study, it demands much from other science and soc

Pakistan's Sindh forest department officials are destroying the green cover of the province, according to the Sindh Green Develop

The Allahabad High Court has directed inspector-general of police (criminal investigation department) to inquire into the alleged involvement of some police officials in illegal trading

The Allahabad High Court ordered setting up of sufficient number of milk testing units within the next two months in Uttar Pradesh. The court said that although synthetic milk was being sold

The Allahabad High Court has ordered closure of all industrial units on the banks of the river Ganga in the state which had not installed effluent treatment plants. A division bench comprising

The Allahabad high court has directed the Uttar Pradesh government to ensure uninterrupted power supply to all installations created under the Ganga Action Plan. A division bench, comprising Justice

Vinoba Bhave's demand for banning cow slaughter in Kerala & West Bental and his fast for gaining its acceptance raise three sets of issues; (a) the constitutional and legal basis of the demand, (b) its economic rationale and (c) the political implications and possible consequences. This note examines these issues.

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Two days after a group of villagers ransacked the site of the under-construction 1,980-MW Bara thermal power plant in Allahabad and damaged property, the developer JP Power Ventures has started moving out the expensive construction equipment and other machinery.

The decision, which would stall the project, has been taken to avoid damage to the Rs 900-crore machinery and equipment at the site.

The JP Group has emerged as the lowest bidder for the Karchana power plant to be established in Allahabad district of Uttar Pradesh. The group quoted the lowest power production cost, Rs 2.970 per unit of power to be produced by the 2x660 megawatt plant.