green guarantee: The Centre will extend its rural job guarantee schemes to plantations. State governments have been asked to deploy "tree guards' to protect "avenue plantations' on rural roads

The National Food for Work Programme (NFFWP), launched in 2004, identified 50 backward districts, where employment guarantee scheme was to get started. The 150 districts were identified by the Planning Commission on the basis of three criteria, Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes (SC/ST) population, agricultural productivity per worker, and agricultural wage rate in the district. The author find that the final choice for the NFFWP was not consistent with the methodology mentioned, nor can it be defended by using other measures of backwardness.

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This study quantifies the tangible, economic benefits of a nongovernmental organization's social forestry project to local people and analyzes the potential return from this investment in natural capital. The analysis was conducted in the Kumaun hill region of Uttaranchal, India, using participatory rapid appraisal, household survey, avoided cost method, and present value investment analysis.

Medicinal plants can improve the fortunes of state's rural poor

Ending a six-month long suspension, the World Bank has agreed to continue financial assistance to Chad, after the country fell in with the bank's conditions on spending petrodollars. Under the

Employment guarantee scheme brought to an abrupt halt

This report highlights the importance of social protection in the struggle against global poverty. Social protection aims to enhance the capacity of poor and vulnerable persons to manage economic and social risks, such as unemployment, sickness, disability and old age.

The idea seemed right for district Dungarpur. nfwp began with the preparation of a five-year district perspective plan (dpp) detailing work that could be taken up at every block level and gram panchayat.

Wasteland maps can help frame poverty alleviation programmes