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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved Rs. 6.89 billion ($80 million) loan to modernise and expand the wastewater network and treatment facilities in the populous Kathmandu Valley.

The High Powered Committee for Integrated Development of Bagmati Civilisation, a government body formed to implement the Bagmati Action Plan (BAP), has formulated a new programme targeted at preser

Bangladesh can slash greenhouse gas emissions by around 22 per cent by 2020 through introducing a variety of clean technologies that would cost less than $10 per tonne of carbon-dioxide equivalent,

Dhaka Wasa plans to derive 70 percent of supply water from surface sources by 2020 via a sustainable and environment-friendly water management system to meet the city dwellers’ safe water demand an

The largely ADB-funded project will possibly be floated some time later this year

Asian Development Bank (ADB) and European Development Bank (EDB) are ready to finance Tk8, 000 crore to reduce pollution and increasing capacity of power generation, transmission and sub-station bu

Sri Lanka could slash its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 19% of projected levels in 2020 at little or no long-term cost using an array of green power options, says a new study from the Asian Dev