This time on CNB, we get to the crux of the Volkswagen global diesel engine scandal! Apart from how and why the global auto giant fell from grace, we closely analyze the impact this cheating on emission tests could have on the Indian market - both for Volkswagen and other manufacturers. Here's a special CNB discussion with industry, environmental and analytical guests.

05 Jun 2013

The initial phase of UPA II witnessed prolific rule making, but this was not followed by responsible governance

15 Sep 2012

Not raising diesel prices would harm economy much more'

17 Oct 2011

With generous dispensing of cheap diesel to rich car owners, the  government has finally turned the market around.  Media is abuzz with the Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell’s report. It says the diesel consumption growth rate at 6.4 per cent has outstripped that of petrol at 4.5 per cent. Petrol price hikes have made the fuel price gap gape wider and add to diesel’s lure.

So we learn from the Budget presentation of the finance minister that India is planning to launch a National Mission for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

The dirty fuel is no longer a dirty word in the Indian automotive industry. Long considered the choice of truckers and taxi drivers, diesel has over a short span of time won over the passenger vehicle buyer. With 70 per cent of the market being dominated by small or compact cars, it is no wonder that 2010 saw manufacturers launching new models in this segment.

Rising Rates, High Input Costs & Runaway Inflation Add To Auto Cos

PETROL and diesel have become costlier by up to 50 paise a litre in the country, barring 13 cities, after India switched over to cleaner Euro-III fuel on September 22, eight days ahead of the schedule.

The transition to a higher grade fuel will also mark the end of the road for Euro-II compliant automobiles in the country from October 1, leading to a 2-5% increase in the prices of certain bra

Gridlock around Beijing has been a conspicuous problem as more Chinese buy private cars.