A systematically careless government

Adulteration is an effect of warped pricing

CSE s Clean Air campaigners ANUMITA ROYCHOWDHURY and CHIRAG SHAH expose the dirty, intelligent and systematic business of fuel adulteration:

The problem: Oil companies refuse to take ultimate responsibility for the quality of the fuel the

When I think of the government s newly cleared Auto Fuel Policy, the image of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt comes to mind. The document apparently sets the roadmap to meet clean air targets in

To coincide with Ford s centenary celebrations in Dearborn, Michigan, the us environmental group Sierra Club is planning to run an advertising campaign in The New York Times and BusinessWeek hauling up Ford for making vehicles that are less fuel efficient

The California Air Resources Board the world s trendsetter of air pollution standards was clearly being quite ambitious while mandating that 10 per cent of all new cars to be sold in the state during 2003 should be zero emission vehicles ZEVs . After

Reducing automobile emissions to zero is perfectly possible, claims a recent Toyota advertisement. The ad describes how the auto giant s hybrid technology cuts fuel consumption by almost 40 per cent, compared with conventional petrol engines...

Once again, the government has dithered from introducing clean technologies. The Union budget fails to provide a clear roadmap to promote electric vehicles, especially three-wheelers, while offering sops to make any car cheap

The European Commission (EC) has hauled eight member nations to court for failing to enforce a law which mandates that automobile manufacturers bear the costs of recycling used cars. The UK,

Tonight I am proposing $1.2 billion in research funding so that America can lead the world in developing clean, hydrogen powered automobiles, declared us President George Bush in his State of the Union Address to the congress in January 2003. The announ