flawed trials: Yet another controversy has erupted over genetically modified (GM) crops

Toyota Motor Corp will spend US $34 million to finance the improvement of anti pollution controls on old, publicly owned buses in the US even though it did not manufacture them. The company has agreed to do this in order to settle a Clean Air Act lawsuit

The alternative energy industry is stepping on the gas. Top automakers have joined hands to deve-lop fuel cell technology for cars, enabling them to cover similar distances as gasoline-run cars. The

INSTITUTE FOR ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH . November . 2002 NATO's air campaign against Yugoslavia in 1999 saw bombing of many factories. The world media covered the campaign extensively.

Automotive manufacturers to put their heads together to survive EU recycling directive

K R Narayanan s keen interest in environment leaves a lasting mark on Rashtrapati Bhavan

California state senate okays emission standards for vehicles

The Green Rating Project carried out by the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) (Down To Earth, Vol 10, No 13, November 30, 2001) has apparently forced the automobile industry to take a closer

Industry sells us a nightmare packaged in a dream world of glitzy cars

Caught in the polluting haze of two and three wheelers, Asia is completely helpless today. The menace of these vehicles is unique to Asia. Therefore, the solutions have to come from within. But experts question the continent's capability to come up