Hyundai Motor Group, the world's No.5 automaker, said on Wednesday it would invest $3.3 billion in green projects to meet the government's stricter fuel efficiency and emission requirements, joining a recent series of eco-friendly investments by South Korean firms.

- A project linking solar power from the Sahara to energy users in Europe and North Africa could create 240,000 German jobs and generate 2 trillion euros ($2,822 billion) worth of power by 2050, a study published on Thursday found.

As General Motors Corp prepares to sell its best assets to a streamlined new entity, the worst of what it owns will be auctioned off in bankruptcy court, including contaminated factory sites, parking lots in Flint, Michigan, and a nine-hole golf course in New Jersey.

There has been a lot of worthless chatter about what President Barack Obama should say about Iran

31 May 2009

The global meltdown led to expectations governments would use money to reinvent economies for climate change. The plan was simple: spend obscene amounts of public money in infrastructure and other projects, to stimulate national economies.

A motorcycle that can run solely on sugar cane ethanol, gasoline or a mixture of both has gone on sale in Brazil, where biofuel cars already dominate the roads, burning cheaper home-grown energy.

Fuel economy: turf war or guerrilla ambush It can get as bad as not having any money left to buy oil. Increased oil demand from rapidly growing cars can make it worse. Yet there is no sign of official agreement on who must take the lead to draft fuel economy regulations for cars to get more miles out of a litre of fuel burnt. When the push for these regulations came about two years ago from

the Union Ministry of Finance imposed an additional duty of Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 per vehicle on big cars and utility vehicles on June 13. The decision comes as a knee-jerk reaction to the skyrocketing international crude prices. While welcoming the move as a step forward, experts said staving off an energy crisis would require making the tax progressively harsher and linking it with fuel

Spiralling raw material prices are forcing car makers to contemplate a price hike as soon as June or July.

Public sector auto maker Scooters India (SIL) is planning to get into the electric two-wheeler segment, in addition to its range of passenger three-wheelers.