The primary motivation behind this research is the need to accelerate the supply of renewable energy because of the important role that it plays in mitigating climate change and in fostering sustainable development.

A report by Climate Strategies and CDKN, The Way Forward in International Climate Policy: Key Issues and New Ideas 2014, highlights opportunities and new ways of thinking that could move the world towards an ambitious global climate deal and more climate-compatible development.

Emission Cuts Can

The climate constraint will become increasingly problematic for developing countries as they try to meet their development needs. For example, it is estimated that more than 2.7 billion people worldwide still rely on biomass, burnt in open fires or traditional three-stone


After sticking to his guns, Sepp Blatter, the head of FIFA, conceded during the recently-concluded World Cup that there was a need to introduce goal-line technologies to avoid the kind of snafu that happened in the England-Germany game. But he still stood firm against introducing video replays to help referees.

This presentation tells about the key energy indicators, adequate energy services required, energy challenges and the joint energy innovation. This presentation is delivered by Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in South Asian media briefing workshop on climate change, organised by Centre for science and environment on 28th Aug 09.

This paper describes policy options that could help
India reduce greenhouse gas emissions from coalfired electricity while meeting the country

Coal-based power has become a key element of India's energy sector. As the country's energy and power needs continue to grow, the role of coal will remain undiminished for at least the next few decades. Yet, there are a number of challenges facing the coal-power sector, and there are several constraints that will affect its trajectory. There is now a broad and evolving array of technology options for the coal power generation, unlike in the past when subcritical pulverized coal combustion was the dominant technology of choice.

So we learn from the Budget presentation of the finance minister that India is planning to launch a National Mission for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Last week brought forth yet another headline about China