The Lower Bhavani Farmers Association claimed that the yagam conducted by Public Works Department at Bhavanisagar dam seeking divine intervention to bring rain was primarily a tactic to divert the attention of the people from the ineffective water management practices that took place in the dam this year.

The authorities in the district had let out a large amount of water to the old ayacuts of Bhavani river violating the government orders and without considering the requirements of the farmers in LBP ayacut, association president S. Nallasamy told media persons on Monday.

Political parties, farmers, traders to observe fast on July 17

Members of various political parties, farmers associations, trading community and various other organisations in the district have decided to observe a token fast in Erode on July 17 to protest against the Kerala Government's move to construct a dam across the Siruvani River in Attapadi. The decision was taken at a meeting held under the chairmanship of Tamil Nadu Farmers Association (TFA) District President E.R. Kumarasamy here on Sunday.

To utilise water awarded by Kaveri Tribunal

Water Resources Minister P.J. Joseph said the State would expedite steps to draw its share of water under the Kaveri Tribunal Award from the east-flowing rivers Pampar, Bhavani and Kabini. Replying to the discussion on the demands for Budget grants for his department, the Minister said the tribunal had awarded 3 tmc of water from Pampar, 6.07 tmc of water from Bhavani and 21 tmc of water from Kabani. The State was yet to take the benefit of the award.

The opposition from the farmers in the district to Kerala's proposal to build a dam across Bhavani river at Attapadi intensified as the farming community fears that the move may deprive them of water for irrigation.

Most of the farmers in the district depend on the Bhavani river for their irrigation needs. The river is the primary water source for over 2.5 lakh acres of lands in Erode and neighbouring Tiruppur and Karur districts.

The new nutrient-based fertiliser subsidy policy provides implicit incentives to farmers to test soil samples regularly and get crop-wise recommended doses of nutrients, and offers prospective benefits from the agro-environmental management point of view.

ERODE: The Lower Bhavani Turn Irrigation Farmers Association have asked the Public Works Department to take immediate steps to carry out repairs and maintenance works in the water carrying channels of the Lower Bhavani Project. It claimed that a majority of the channels were heavily silted. The bunds were weak and the shutters needed immediate repairs.

This document consists important dates and events regarding Nirma Cement Plant at village Padhiarka of Taluka Mahuva in district Bhavnagar of Gujarat.

ERODE: Sathyamangalam unit of the Communist Party of India has alleged that illegal mining of sand is going on near Bhavani Sagar dam.

A release says on the Moyar river bed, near forest area, as many as 25 lorries are employed to illegally mine sand. It says as much as 150 lorry loads of sands are being transported after passing through check posts.

PEOPLE living near the Kalingarayan canal are hoping that the government will finally act to resolve the pollution issue now that the Lok Sabha elections are over.

The government had allotted Rs 12 crore to check the pollution by constructing a wall for a few distance along the canal

An increase in population, unplanned expansion in the command area of the river Bhavani in Tamil Nadu and the growing domestic and industrial demand for water have intensified competition among water users in the river basin.