JAIPUR: The Rajasthan government, for the first time, is experimenting with scientific ways for maintaining land records in the state.

Under the national land records modernization programme, the settlement department has initiated a landmapping project with the use of Electronic Total Station (ETS) technique and is planning to later use satellite images and aerial pictures.

Hindustan Copper Limited and the Rajasthan Government propose to start joint ventures to explore and exploit copper and other mineral deposits in the State. The initiative is part of Hindustan Copper Limited's plan to consolidate its mining business, especially in Rajasthan.

The company is planning to execute as many as eight mining projects across the country at an estimated capital expenditure of Rs.3,435 crore to quadruple its mining capacity over the next five years,

JODHPUR: Unabated killing of peacocks is gradually pushing the national bird on the brink of extinction and lack of stringent measures to put a check on their poaching is making the situation worse.

The rich mineral resources of Bhilwara has caught the eyes of the steel major Laxmi Narayan Mittal.

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Jaipur: In what could probably be the first-of-its-kind in the country, a corporate organic dairy farm is coming up in the textile town of Bhilwara. Once complete this would be the only fully automated sterilised organic cow milk plant housing 1,500 cows at Raila in Bhilwara.
The plant has just started operations with 200 cross bred Holstein-Friesian cows.

A Sarpanch Who Handled Rs 10L A Yr Now Oversees Crores

The government of Rajasthan

It is well known that government schemes and programmes meant for the poor fail due to corruption. As aspirations rise, the challenge before politicians is to deliver development. It is people as the beneficiaries of government schemes and programmes who can say where the system is working and where it is not. The social audit makes this possible.

What does Bhilwara have that the rest of rural India needs?


Sriji Ka Kheda is now practically a village of widows. Falling under Bhilwara district, the village has 60 houses and 70 widows. Most of their husbands lost their lives working as labour in quarries and dying of silicosis.

"It is a very sad story.
Most of the widows are under 40," said Bhanwar Bairwa of Salja panchayat.