Did you think that chocolates are safe for your child? Think again. Chocolate firms are under scrutiny in California. Recently, the American Environmental Safety Institute, an environmental group,

An endocrine disrupter is a synthetic chemical which, when absorbed by the body, interferes with normal hormone function. This undermines intelligence, decreases resistance to disease and impairs

methyl tertiary butyl ether (mtbe) has been found in the Midwest region of the us even though it is not used there, shows a recent research. mtbe, which is a gasoline additive, is

Rajasthan s so called solar power project

Electricity prices in California are drastically increased to tackle the energy crisis

California, USA, is planning to introduce a toilet-to-tap programme to solve the prevailing water shortage problem in the state. The planned project will include a three-year trial period during

Latest findings in tests with rats could lead to the development of new pain killing drugs

More oxygen during surgery cuts post op infection rate