The Canadian government plans new regulations that will effectively phase out traditional coal-fired power stations, Environment Minister Jim Prentice said in an interview published on Wednesday.

He told the Globe and Mail newspaper that new coal plants would have to include technology to capture greenhouse gas emissions and inject them underground for permanent storage.

China must swiftly decouple its rapid economic growth from rising carbon dioxide emissions for global greenhouse gas levels to stay manageable, the authors of a new study said, urging sweeping support to help that transition.

Britain unveiled 1.4 billion pounds ($2.04 billion) of initiatives to encourage investment in green energy on Wednesday and also gave tax breaks to help squeeze the remaining oil from the declining North Sea.

Use of algae and methanol for rapid carbon recycling is gaining popularity among power producers.

As glaciers and rivers threaten to disappear, Indian coal-based power plants may have to look at algae and methanol for rapid carbon recycling.

This report highlights a number of key findings from the scenario analysis which are intended to inform policy making both within China, and in international negotiations. These key findings include: Decoupling carbon emissions growth from economic development is challenging but achievable in China, and there is more than one way to achieve it.

Eight carbon capture and storage projects in Western Canada will share C$140 million ($114 million) in funding from the Canadian government, Natural Resources Minister Lisa Raitt said on Thursday.

Chief executives from Europe

15 Jan 2009

I spent a week at the climate change conference in Poznan, and realized the world is in deep trouble and deeper denial. Worse, the denial is now entirely on the side of action. It is well accepted that climate change is a reality. Scientists say we need to cap temperature increases at 2

Among all the possible fuels that can produce a zero-emission car, petrol must rank right at the bottom, if at all. But for mechanical engineer Andrei Fedorov, petrol is the right fuel, or at least good enough, to run a zero-emission car.

Australia will set up a A$100 million (US$80 mln) carbon capture research institute aimed at fighting climate shift and with ambitions of becoming the world hub for the technology, the government said on Friday.