Jairam launches Buddah Nallah clean-up project in Punjab
Union Minister for Environment and Forests Jairam Ramesh has launched a

Anaerobic digestion offers a unique treatment option for the dairy industry. Not only does anaerobic digestion reduce the COD of an effluent, but little microbial biomass is produced.

Global Water Engineering (GWE) has partnered with Chokyuenyong Industrial in Thailand to cut effluent COD pollution levels at its cassava production plant by more than 95% while extracting gas from its wastewater to power its boilers and generate electricity for its own use and to sell back to the provincial grid.

In this paper the impact of Ganesh idol immersion on water quality of Tapi River is discussed, for this purpose Ashwanikumar immersion point (Ovara) was selected as sampling station because large number of Ganesh idols immersed on this Ghat of Tapi River. Water samples were collected at morning hours during pre immersion, during immersion and post immersion periods of Ganesh idols.

The disposal of untreated industrial effluent into receiving water courses has become a major environmental challenge being faced by most of the developing countries. In Pakistan numerous industrial units that dispose their effluent directly into receiving stream without any treatment.

The efficacy of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) based on activated sludge process employed for treatment of tannery effluent was analyzed for the efficiency to reduce chromium and other contaminants. Physico-chemical parameters of treated effluent were found within permissible levels of statutory limits.

Standards for Organic Chemicals Manufacuturing Industry [S.O.608 (E)]. These rules may be called the Environment (Protection) (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2010.

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Ahmedabad: In the latest survey by Gujarat Pollution Control Board (GPCB) it has come to light that just five of the 26 central effluent treatment plants (CETPs) in 35 industrial clusters spread across 400 kilometres of Gujarat

This press release by Paryavaran Suraksha Samiti expresses concern that the effluent treatment facilities across golden corridor does not conform to GPCB norms and demands that effluent discharge at Tadgam Sarigam Pipeline, from FETP, Ankleshwar, ECP, Vadodara and CETPs of Ahmedabad be stopped. <br>