Developed nations are interpreting key clauses of the biodiversity treaty with the aim of protecting their own biotechnology industries from potential flak

India must document and legally protect the farmers' varieties (FVs) and use them globally as a trade strategy.

a meeting of the Convention on Biodiversity (cbd) will be held in February in Bangkok to discuss rules for international transfer of biological resources. In preparation, ministerial delegations of a

CITES proceeds cautiously, in the wake of the Convention on Biological Diversity

Biotech companies and the World Trade Organisation took centrestage at the fourth conference on biological diversity, leaving traditional communities to fend for themselves

The Earth's genetic resources of plants and animals exist mainly in the developing South. The Convention on Biological Diversity, which came into force in December 1993, stipulated that if any

Environmental negotiations have slowly turned into petty business transactions, not the establishment of fair and just global environmental governance systems