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Wasting food is akin to being a “carbon criminal”, Environment Minister Anil Madhav Dave has said while calling for making a lifestyle of minimum carbon footprint a movement of the future.

MARRAKECH: The year 2016, which brought new national temperature records for India when Phalodi in Rajasthan had recorded 51 degree Celsius on May 19, is "very likely" to be the hottest year on rec

Surprised by India's initiatives in clean energy and coal dependency reduction, the international climate research organisations at COP22 here said that the country is set to "over-achieve" its emi

India's growth story in renewable energy sector is being monitored globally and organisations are confident that India will exceed its National Determined Contribution (NDC) targets.

Three special sessions, focusing on initiatives taken on afforestation and sustainable transportation in the country, was organised at the Indian pavilion on the third day of the crucial global sum

The first official reaction came from small island nations who fear they will be washed away by rising seas

Various sessions including that on sustainable lifestyles and climate justice was organised at the Indian pavilion at the ongoing climate change summit in Marrakech which registered a heavy footfal

Donald Trump's win may be a bad news for climate action under the Paris Agreement.

India ranked fourth on the climate risk index for 2017, the Germany-based independent environmental organisation Germanwatch said on Tuesday.

Carbon emissions from electricity production fell by 20.9 per cent between 2000 and 2014.