The Vidarbha region of Maharashtra sees a spate of suicides by farmers, but the State's Agriculture Minister denies any connection between these incidents and government policy.

The eighth millennium development goal will determine the success of the other seven

the film title Harvesting Hunger chills one to the bones and the film itself is a despondent tale of the agricultural scenario in the country. "It is apprehended that millions may go hungry in

South Africa and Namibia have rejected an offer of the us to provide financial assistance for purchasing anti- aids drugs. A total of us $1 billion was offered by the us

Since 1985, countries -- particularly in Latin America -- have negotiated several arrangements to reduce their crippling debt burden. They promptly ended up losing the right to decide what to do with

A cash strapped Chinese government is trying to prevent unpaid farmers from moving to the cities in search of more money.

WHAT DOES the International Monetary Fund have to do with land degradation? On the face of it, nothing. But in reality, quite a lot. A degraded landscape in an increasingly integrated world is

External debt has proved an albatross around the neck of African nations. At least two thirds of their total debt will have to be written off if they are to revive their economies

ONTARIO Hydro's newly appointed chairman, Maurice Strong, has initiated steps to reduce the corporation's debt and review its operations, including its nuclear programme. Ontario Hydro, Canada's

The Netherlands is negotiating with Bhutan, Costa Rica and Benin a long term reciprocal development treaty that is based on Dutch assumption that rich nations must pay for their overuse of natural resources.