The Budget provides proof of the United Progressive Alliance government having forgotten the importance of its own “flagship schemes”.

The General Agreement on Trade in Services does impose limits on many developing countries’ ability to regulate the financial sector. A response to the article “Regulatory Freedom under GATS: Financial Services Sector” which argued otherwise.

The current perception that cash transfers can replace public provision of basic goods and services and become a catch-all solution for poverty reduction is false. Where cash transfers have helped to reduce poverty, they have added to public provision, not replaced it.

The meagre allocations for critical social sector programmes point to a focus on growth for growth's sake, whose consequences can be unsettling.

TERMINOLOGY tells us a lot about underlying economic ideologies. In India, increasingly, public spending that affects the basic conditions of life of the vast majority of the population is termed in mainstream media as

The countrywide share of corporate retail in food distribution tripled in the past four years when retail food prices showed the greatest increase.

THE dramatic increase in food inflation over the past two years has been associated with several surprises. One major surprise has been how the top economic policymakers in the country have responded to it.

It is apparent that despite the persisting food insecurity of the bulk of the population and the near-emergency with respect to the nutrition of children, women and other vulnerable groups, the Government of India is still not taking the job of ensuring universal food security with sufficient seriousness.

In pushing for a greatly truncated PDS, the Food Security Bill proposed by the NAC, which has many right-to-food activists, undermines the PDS itself.

ENSURING food security was the big promise of United Progressive Alliance-2.

In keeping with the overall approach of an

This paper compares the experience of poverty reduction in China and India.

IN ONE section of the university building where I teach, there is an enormous and motley collection of discarded computer-related items, stacked and piled in an unwieldy mess.