This report, by the UNDP Regional Centre for Asia and Pacific, looks into the lessons learned from the past economic crises, the impact of the current crisis and policy responses in 14 countries in Asia Pacific. The analysis takes into consideration the rising threat of climate change and the recent experience of natural disasters in the region.

The WTO upholds Brazil

IT is not surprising that questions of food security and the right to food have become such urgent political issues in India today. The rapid growth of aggregate income over the past two decades has not addressed the basic issue of ensuring the food security of the population.

As part of contribution by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to the ongoing dialogue on the impact of the global financial crisis, present in this collection some

Just as in the case of major foodgrains, deregulation of financial markets has had a significant role in affecting global oil prices. JAY MALLIN/BLOOMBERG NEWS The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee of the United States hearing testimony on whether speculation in the commodities market by institutional investors and hedge funds is contributing to food and energy price surges, in Washington, D.C., on May 20.

The inflationary process at the international level is pushed by factors that cannot be easily controlled.

THE chances are that people under the age of 30 in most countries of the world would never have experienced price rises of the extent and rapidity of the past year. Globally, the prices of many basic commodities have not risen faster than this for around three decades.

FOR some years now, the Budget speeches of the Finance Minister have been impressive exercises in the art of rhetoric, that is, of verbal persuasion without reference to reality.

THE management of huge and growing quantities of electronic waste may emerge as one of the more important environmental problems of developing countries in the near future.