If you are planning to drive to Shimla after April 1, be prepared to shell out more, as the Shimla Municipal Corporation proposes to levy green fee on vehicles not bearing Himachal Pradesh registra

Leh, Dec 22 : The Chief Executive Councilor, LAHDC, Leh Rigzin Spalbar today convened a meeting of Council to discuss various important issues concerning further promotion of tourism industry.

The cash-strapped Shimla Municipal Corporation (MC) will once again urge the government to allow it to impose green tax on all outside vehicles entering the “Queen of Hills” so that it can generate

Reacting to voices being raised against the

Shimla: Determined to impose green tax on vehicles bearing registration numbers of other states, Shimla Municipal Corporation has decided to again approach the BJP-ruled Himachal Pradesh government to seek its approval so that it could raise much-needed funds.

Sukumar Mukhopadhyay / April 26, 2010, 0:41 IST

P>The environmentalists are doing genuinely good work to promote more favourable situation for the earth to survive the rampaging attack on ecology. But in the process one has to look for the correct method. The environmentalists advocate eco-tax and eco-subsidy to cope with pollution. I am writing this treatise to examine this proposition.


The government might now collect the

Aila devastation in Howrah. Pictures by Gopal Senapati
Garbage dumped on the Howrah bank of the Hooghly
A chimney of an industrial unit belches out polluting fumes

A rare political unanimity has enabled Howrah to come up with a long-term plan to combat climate change, apparently a first in the country.

The climate challenge is so serious that all possible policy measures need to be considered. Currently however, there tends to be a focus on regulations and emissions trading as the main ways of reducing carbon emissions. The use of taxation seems to be ignored or forgotten.

The State government has allayed apprehensions that it might give in to the mining lobby and scrap the imposition of green cess on mining rejects.