Greens Free The government has freed five European environmental activists from the Quito jail recently. They were accused of damaging pro

A temporary suspension has been clamped on the licence of a pipeline builder in Ecuador by the country's environment ministry. The ministry has said that until the company repairs damages near a

International ngo Greenpeace has asked a German bank to cancel financing for an Ecuadorean oil pipeline. The ngo contends that the pipeline would damage swaths of rare mountain cloud

The secretariat of the convention on wetlands has announced that the

Guayaquil, Ecua

Tuna caught with purse seine nets causing dolphin deaths cannot be labelled

Rejecting the pleas of conservationists, the constitutional tribunal of Ecuador has taken a decision which would cause irreparable damage to the Mindo ecological reserve (see Down To Earth , Vol

Poachers recently killed 15 sea lions in Ecua

Aerial spraying of the herbicide glyphosate by Columbia is posing a serious health hazards for Ecuado

The bureau of the World Heritage Committee has recommended that the Galapagos Marine Reserve should be given the status