The Ecuadorian government has decided not to tap a major oil field in the Amazonian rainforest, and asked the international community to compensate it for the sacrifice. The government's demand is

As the first South American energy summit finished in the third week of April in the Caribbean island of Margarita, Venezuela, participant countries agreed to set up an energy council to follow up

To protest against mining activity by the Canadian company Ascendant Copper Corporation, in Ecuador, dozens of residents recently burnt down a building owned by the company. "The company is

It may no longer be a losing battle. Amid much protests, a lawsuit filed by a group of Ecuadorians against the us-based oil major ChevronTexaco Corporation has been shifted to an Ecuadorian court

The environmental footprint of oil

A massive oil

Environmental groups in Ecuador have raised concerns about a project to build a crude oil pipeline through Mindo ecological reserve. The area is an important habitat for birds. The groups have urged

Angry fisherfolk of Galapagos Islands, 965 kilometres off the Ecuadorean mainland, recently lay seige to research stations of the Charles Darwin Foundation, the main promoter of conservation efforts

The president of the Dallas-based Maxus Energy Corporation, Roberto Monti, got an unexpected bouquet of rose flowers while addressing the recent Inter-American Petroleum and Gas Conference in