The future of the Galapagos islands is at stake as fisherfolk and conservationists fight for its resources

It was in 1993 that 30,000 Ecuadorian Indians and farmers filed a petition against Texaco, the multinational oil giant, for having denigrated their homeland by way of 17 million gallons

A major oil spill in the Amazon region

Ecuador enacts a law for the protection of its genetic resources

Through many weary days and nights since March, the residents of a south Ecuadorean valley kept a wary eye on a landslide holding back the rain swollen Paute river. Then, at dawn one day, the dam broke...

Environmental pollutants from many different sources
contaminate water, air, and land, putting humans and ecosystems at risk, and often pitting people against industry. By viewing competing interests and their implications within a broad ecosystem analysis, ecohealth approaches strive to protect
health while balancing the needs of various stakeholders and

Ecuador aims to double hydroelectric power use over the next decade and increase grid capacity to attract mining investment but must overcome local opposition, a senior official said on Thursday.

Ecuadorean president Rafael Correa declared a state of emergency in an Amazonian province on November 30 to quell protests that have slashed the nation's oil output by 20 per cent. Demanding

The tussle on the Colombia-Ecuador border over the spraying of herbicide by Colombia has taken a new turn. The spraying, done to eradicate coca plantations, had driven many Colombians to take

The first place to become a World Heritage site, the Galapagos Islands, was recently declared under threat from "invasive species' by the UN. Experts say the 19-island archipalego and its