A proposed UK scheme designed to force some 5,000 businesses to cut carbon emissions by reducing their energy consumption gives companies no reason to buy renewable energy, critics said on Friday.

"Businesses need greater incentives to demand increased renewable power in their fuel mix, not less," said Jo Butlin, vice president at UK renewable power supplier Smartest Energy.

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May 3: Heard of businesses making profits by consciously selling at a loss? That

Sending an email across the Atlantic Ocean does not burn any jet fuel, but the internet is not without its own, huge carbon footprint.

Transportation mobility in India has increased significantly in the past decades. From1970 to 2000, motorized mobility (passenger-km) has risen by 888%, compared with an 88% population growth. This contributed to many energy and environmental issues, and an energy strategy incorporates efficiency improvement and other measures needs to be designed.

Traditional stoves generate large quantities of smoke and suspended particulate matter while only 10-40% of released energy tranfers to pot. This research paper describes design steps with experiments carried out for charcoal stove named SEES to interlink energy efficiency and various design parameters.

World marketed energy consumption is projected to increase by 44 percent from 2006 to 2030. Total energy demand in the non-OECD countries increases by 73 percent, compared with an increase of 15 percent in the OECD countries.

The South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Energy Ministers

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Britain unveiled 1.4 billion pounds ($2.04 billion) of initiatives to encourage investment in green energy on Wednesday and also gave tax breaks to help squeeze the remaining oil from the declining North Sea.

Elected leaders in New York City will propose a suite of laws and other initiatives on Wednesday aimed at reducing energy consumption and related emissions of greenhouse gases by requiring owners of thousands of older buildings to upgrade everything from boilers to light bulbs.